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About Us - Serene And Peaceful

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The Courthouse Wedding Chapel in San Antonio, Texas is so named because we are located just across the street from the Courthouse in downtown San Antonio.

For many years we have been providing a serene and peaceful environment for couples looking to officially seal their love for one another. You may just be planning a simple ceremony for the two of you, or you may want to include a larger number of family and friends.

In any case, The Courthouse Wedding Chapel provides the setting for your unforgettable wedding. We accept walk-ins, so come as you are. Or, you may want to be a bit more deliberate and make an appointment to ensure space and availability. Just bring a valid marriage license and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Courthouse Wedding Chapel provides a beautiful setting for the bride and groom to exchange vows in a ceremony of their own creation. You may add a favorite reading or a passage from scripture. We are here to help you have a memorable day.

Our chapel is conveniently located across the street from the County Courthouse since 1986. Non-denominational, Christian, or civil weddings, Rev. Lang is ex-military and will assist in all aspects of military paperwork.

Chapel, Riverwalk, outdoor, or location weddings and vow renewals. Serving couples for over 20 years; experts in all marriage ceremonies. Will help with absentee affidavits, marriage license, and any other wedding information. Feel free to call and talk.

Call or stop by The Courthouse Wedding Chapel in San Antonio, Texas today!