Wedding Officiants

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Wedding Officiants - Ordained Christian Ministers

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At The Courthouse Wedding Chapel in San Antonio, Texas, our officiants are ordained Christian ministers. They are dedicated to making the world a better place with their deed of officially bringing two lives together.

At The Courthouse Wedding Chapel, wedding officiants preside over 3 types of wedding ceremonies:

• Simple Ceremony - A quick ceremony to pronounce the bride and groom as man and wife.
• Small Informal Ceremony - A wedding ceremony where only a few people are present.
• Formal Ceremony - A wedding where there are usually more people in attendance.

Whichever type of wedding you, as a couple, choose for yourselves, our officiants have been performing this type of ministry for years and have experience with different types of weddings. They will collaborate with you to personalize the ceremony to reflect your taste, culture, personality and wishes.

At The Courthouse Wedding Chapel in San Antonio, our wedding officiants will discuss with you the readings you want to have read during the ceremony and the wording of the vows. If you ask, they will give you some guidance regarding how to best convey your ideas and emotions elegantly.

If you want to have the wedding you always dreamed of, call The Courthouse Wedding Chapel in San Antonio, Texas today! We are just across the street from the Courthouse, and we are eager to accommodate you and your loved one’s wishes.

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